gTech Software Engineering

Solving technical problems with a personal touch.


Google software engineers are more than just the sum of their parts, and no one is more versatile than our gTech Engineers. They manage world-class developer tools and influence nearly every Google product and project. gTech computer science experts work to scale Google’s business and support an ever-growing client base, building​ the web applications, platforms and technical solutions that keep customers and sales people up to date and in the know. Our products ingest terabytes of structured data and provide help to millions of users every day.​

Beyond Google, gTech Engineers help deepen customer relationships and solve local problems in regions around the world. The team runs a 24x7 operations group and has offices in multiple cities—Mountain View, New York, London, Sydney and Tokyo to name a few.

This wide reach extends within Google as well. We work with multiple teams across the company: over 90% of Google products are supported and enabled by gTech tools. Our team is about more than just great software design, though—we like people. We look for quick, capable programmers with a commitment to helping us provide amazing service for our clients and partners.

Do you enjoy creating solutions for people? We love that. Our Google software engineering family could use your skills, passion and experience to develop innovative solutions that help our Sales teams succeed and our users thrive.

Great code is only the beginning.

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