Culture at Google

The opportunities we have are tremendous. We haven’t seen this rate of change in computing for a long time. Probably not since the birth of personal computing. But when I think about it, I think we’re all here because we share a deep sense of optimism about the potential of technology to improve people’s lives, and the world...

Larry Page
Founder and CEO

We’ve come a long way since Larry Page and Sergey Brin started a small project called Google in a Silicon Valley garage.


Our engineering culture has been a core component of our success. We hire technical folks with a healthy disregard for the impossible. Team players who ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Visionaries who see problems as a chance to create something transformative. Those who think big, then think bigger. Like ten times bigger.

From information retrieval to artificial intelligence, natural language processing to distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, security, data compression, hardware - you name it, Google’s got it. We’re changing the way billions of users access information, conduct business and connect with each other And you’ll join the thousands of Googlers with advanced degrees and research backgrounds who are actively applying their studies to problems at Google scale.

Join us and do cool things that matter.