Developer Relations

Evangelize Google technologies and passionately advocate for developers' needs.

Our global Developer Relations team are comprised of Googlers who are in love with the coolest new technology and thrive by connecting to other developers who share similar passions. This is the team behind all the rich, technical content on, as well as the people you’re likely to see speaking at Google I/O or might be following on Google+.

These teams are advocates for third party developers’ needs within Google and are passionate evangelists for Google technologies in the outside world. These are roles for engineers who love connecting with other developers and partners; people who enjoy teaching, speaking or writing about cutting-edge technologies; people who find it natural to engage with other developers on Google+ and other social media.

Our Developer Advocates work closely with third party developers who are building applications and businesses that showcase Google’s developer platforms. Our Developer Programs Engineers and Technical Writers grow and support the developer community, teaching and supporting developers around the world. They write API docs, sample apps, client libraries, tutorials and blog posts. They also participate in developer forums and support queues to help developers with coding problems encountered when using our APIs and other developer products. Developer Programs Managers run many of the global online and live programs and events that help this global organization scale, both in mature and emerging markets.

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