Teachers and Administrators: Opening Minds

Go Google

Affordable devices, innovative tools, and educational content built just for the classroom. Technology that helps inspire curiosity and boost productivity.

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Browse professional development resources including how-to videos, case studies, and lesson plans to help you make the most of Google technology for teaching and learning.

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Find opportunities to connect with peers, learn new skills, and ways to use technology to help keep learning engaging and exciting.

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Students: Opening Doors


Bring the same technology you already know and love into the classroom. Use tools like Docs, Sheets, or Hangouts to work better, faster, and together.

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Programs & Scholarships

Get involved to explore your passions, discover new ones, and meet fellow students from around the world. And apply for scholarships across a variety of fields, including computer science, engineering, and leadership.

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Jobs & Internships

We’re changing the way billions of users access information, conduct business, and connect with each other. Join us.

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Go Google: A Solution Built for Learning


Fast, secure, portable computers that allow students to collaborate and share their work. Devices starting at only $249 are easy to set-up and manage from the web-based management console. Made for a classroom, a school, or a whole district.

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Tablets with Google Play for Education

Meet students' individual learning needs with an affordable solution that makes tablets practical. Setting up a classroom takes minutes, not hours. From there it's easy to find the right educational content as you explore thousands of teacher-approved apps, books and videos in Google Play for Education.

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Apps for Education

A free suite of Communication and collaboration tools including email, calendar, and documents that let students and staff work and learn together from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

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