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CS First

“Ultimately, the only way to get more people into Computer Science is to start early.

-Larry Page




CS First is a 2-year pilot focused on increasing students' access and exposure to Computer Science (CS) Education through after-school and summer programs early-on. These programs are developed and run by Google CS Teaching Fellows, who have been employed by Google to learn the newest techniques in computer science pedagogy and partner with local schools to create innovative approaches to student learning.

Program Goals

Ultimately, the goal is to build the Computer Science Education capacity of regional South Carolina schools K-12. In addition, the program will execute scalable solutions to provide sustainable computer science education after the two-year pilot is complete.

  • Implement accessible and innovative computer science after-school and summer programs in South Carolina
  • Increase opportunities for K-12 students, particularly girls and underrepresented minorities, to learn programming and computer science
  • Measure computer science conceptual understanding and skills across demographics
  • Develop and utilize computer science online curriculum in targeted regions
  • Define and implement strategy for scaling programs and best practices beyond the region
  • Achieve wide-reaching impact for students both regionally and nationally by the end of the two-year period