Google in your classroom

Google has a range of tools for teaching and learning. This collection of lessons introduces what they are and how to apply them. If you are interested in completing a Basics Exam, becoming a Google Educator or applying to be a Google Education Trainer, click here.

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Save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students.

Docs Suite

Store everything, create and share anything.


Email, messaging, and contacts all in one place.


Shared workspaces for classes, faculties and organizations.


Help your students and faculty organize their time.


One browser for your computer, phone and tablet.

From algorithms to answers, find what you need for the classroom.

Google Maps for Education

Discover more with every click.


Discover videos to inspire and educate students.


A new type of computer with everything built in.

Google Play for Education

Teach your vision with the right apps, books, and videos.

Android Tablets for Education

Tablets designed for learning and made for the classroom.

Implementing Google Apps

Discover a better way of learning.

Digital Citizenship for Educators

Succeed by teaching with digital technologies.

Connect with educators

Enhance your professional training by connecting with other educators. Join a Google education community to get tips and share ideas online.