Measure by measure: Analytics Advocate Adam Singer talks Google Analytics

Measure by measure: Analytics Advocate Adam Singer talks Google Analytics

Adam Singer is passionate about the power of data. As an Analytics Advocate for Google Analytics, he evangelizes the power of data to help companies take online marketing to a new level. We sat down with Adam to talk about his experiences in Mountain View, working at Google scale and the power of data.

Where did you work before joining Google and what made you apply?

I led digital marketing for a global consultancy. I used Google Analytics to showcase our team’s success and help make data-driven decisions. A buddy of mine forwarded me a job opportunity at Google and encouraged me to apply. It was an opportunity to go beyond consulting for a few brands to helping companies at a large scale.

What was it like to start working at the Googleplex in Mountain View?

At first, it was a little overwhelming. I joined a global team of 300 people. But very quickly, I saw that Googlers treat one another like family and my team helped me get up to speed quickly.

The tools and office environment also make it easy to work with people on other teams. Even though I’m in Marketing, I often work with teams in Engineering, Sales and Legal. It’s so easy to walk over and meet with them in person.

What surprised you most during your first few days at Google?

Before joining Google, I perceived it as a big company. I thought I would be more restricted than I am. What I found is that we’re very open. My ideas are just as valued as those from people well above my pay grade. That’s pretty motivating! Cool, big ideas that might not be implemented somewhere else can get implemented here.

What's the most interesting challenge you’ve faced in your current role?

We have to think about a large user base. When you want to do something really cool and ambitious, it’s a challenge to find that point where everyone is comfortable with a product at this scale. But when you find a solution that your team members--and users--are happy with, it’s exciting.

What advice do you have for someone interested in joining your team?

We want people who are passionate about data, who believe in the power of analytics to make marketing better. Good digital marketing skills and experience are good, but the people who do best are those who really believe in power of data to transform companies.

In your opinion, what makes Google such a unique place to work?

The culture is amazing. At a big company like Google, you can get stressed about things—we’re certainly results-oriented. But, if you can put your work in the context of our culture, how we’re changing the world, and how we dream big, it keeps you motivated to come to work every day.

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