Google Seattle/Kirkland

Home to our gaggle of geeks in the Pacific Northwest, Google Seattle/Kirkland offers opportunities to tackle some of the world’s most interesting coding projects.

Hangout on Air: Engineering at Seattle/Kirkland

Lead tech recruiter Jeff Moore hosts a conversation with three of our Seattle/Kirkland Googlers: engineering directors Scott Silver and Chee Chew, and Melissa Nixon, who heads up the offices’ engineering recruiting. Watch this Hangout on Air to learn more about the technical projects and opportunities in Seattle/Kirkland.


We’re one of Google’s largest engineering offices, but we also have a small sales team making its home in Seattle.

Our engineers have made big impacts on many of Google’s products, from AdSense and AdWords to Maps, Chrome, YouTube and more.

Our most recent achievement: developing Google+ Hangouts.


Number of Seattle/Kirkland Googlers: More than the number of seconds it takes for light to travel from the Earth to the Sun and back

Some of our conference rooms are named: Death Cab for Cutie, Space Needle, Thunderstorm

Number of James Beard Award-winning chefs on staff: 1


Kirkland Engineering Office

747 6th Street South
Kirkland, WA 98033
Phone: 425-739-5600
Fax: 425-968-9399

Seattle Engineering and Sales Office

651 N. 34th Street
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: 206-876-1800
Fax: 206-876-1701

Inside Google Seattle/Kirkland

“Why urban or suburban?” we thought. “Why not both?” So we opened offices on both sides of Lake Washington. We’re one of the largest Google locations in the U.S., and the birthplace of products from Google Talk to Google Storage to Google+ Hangouts, to name just a few.

In Kirkland, we’re all engineering, all the time. Our computer scientists, product managers and engineers have worked on every major product at Google, from Search to Android to Advertising. In Seattle, engineers cross paths with marketing and sales Googlers, where we have teams working with interesting clients in areas like travel and retail. Based in the Fremont neighborhood, we’re in a pretty, light-filled building right alongside the Lake Washington Ship Canal.

When we’re not shipping code or making sales calls, we like to have fun. Lots of it. Fremont Googlers can check out kayaks and go for a paddle – or explore works by local artists showcased on-site. And Kirkland Googlers enjoy a a climbing wall, a high-tech golf simulator and a James Beard Award-winning chef.

If you look at what makes us great, it's the people, and continuing to find great people.

- Scott Silver, Engineering Director

Google Seattle/Kirkland: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so great about Google Seattle/Kirkland?

As one of the largest engineering offices at Google outside of Mountain View, we have all of the benefits of working on Google-scale projects while still operating at a more start-up-like size. We get to spend more time doing what we’re really interested in, and less time managing people and processes. It means we can make a significant contribution right away. For one thing, we enjoy the best of both worlds. Want to live in the city? Welcome to our Fremont office. Want to rock the suburbs? Kirkland’s got your name on it.

What’s the most exciting work to come out of Google Seattle/Kirkland?

Every major product at Google has a home in Seattle/Kirkland. We helped build Google Talk, Maps and Sitemaps, and we’ve made significant contributions to systems infrastructure, AdWords, AdSense, Analytics, Chrome and the Google Apps Engine. Most recently, we built Hangouts for Google+. And our Widevine team develops digital rights management and video optimization technologies.

Have I heard of any Seattle/Kirkland Googlers?

If you’re into technology, probably so. For example, Jim Hugunin created the Numeric extension to the Python programming language, the Jython and IronPython implementations of Python and our Dart open-web programming language.

How do Seattle/Kirkland Googlers get to work?

In the city, a lot of Googlers walk or cycle to the office. One even runs. Both directions. Every day. Both our offices feature free parking and easy accessibility by bus.

What’s the best part about having two offices?

Not having to commute into or out of the city. We’re pretty sure that Jimi Hendrix was thinking of his hometown when he wrote "Crosstown Traffic."

How does Google make the Kirkland and Seattle communities better?

We host the local technology community on-site at events like the annual Google I/O conference, tech talks and panel presentations. We support local farmers who are part of Growing Washington. We host local students as part of our Computing and Programming Experience program. And we support the University of Washington’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs for students from underrepresented groups.

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